Modern Red Team Infrastructure Development

  • Develop OPSEC safe Red Team Infrastructure
  • Utilize Red Team Infra for Internal / External Operations
  • Utilize Legitimate Cloud / On-Premise Services
  • Create your own Re-director / Payload Server Features
  • Perform Professional Red Team Attack Case Study


OPSEC Safe Red Team Infrastructure

Leverage Resources

Cloud & On-Premise


Professional Red Team Case Study


Verified Digital Badge

MRT-ID  Introduction

CyberWarFare Labs, Modern Red Team Infrastructure Development is a mini course designed for red teams and penetration testers to deploy OPSEC Safe & scalable Infrastructure to conduct security assessments.

The main aim of this course is to :

  - Help Teams develop scalable Infrastructure
  - Leverage Cloud & On-Premise Resources
  - Deploy Architecture for Phishing / Initial access Ops
  - With Operational Security

Mini-Course Highlights

OPSEC Safe Infra Setup
Utilize Cloud & On-Premise Resources for Traffic Redirection
Capture Credentials & Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via Adversary in the Middle Attack (AiTM)
Full-Fledged Initial Access Operations
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AWS & Azure Account

Knowledge of CLI

Basics of Bash Scripting

Premium Edition

Subscription plan

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  • OPSEC Safe Infra Deployment
  • Implement Professional Red Team Case Study
  • 60 Pages PDF 
  • 10+ Hrs HD Instruction Videos
  • Technical support
  • Earn Verified Digital Badge

Digital Badge Procedure:

To earn CyberWarFare Labs Modern Red Team Infrastructure Development Verified Digital Badge, candidate must fulfill below criteria :

Skills Reflected by Certificate Holder:

  • Setting-Up OPSEC Safe Red Team Infrastructure from scratch
  • Leverage Cloud & On-Premise Resources for scalable setup
  • Able to understand & identify new resources for infra
  • Able to lead & execute Full-Fledged Initial Access Operations