Our Team is a professional group of members, having expertise and experience in various Cyber Security Domains.

CyberWarFare Labs is an all-around cybersecurity training company based out in Bangalore that delivers an extensive hands-on understanding of diverse cyber and information security domains. Focused to produce cybersecurity experts with 360-degree skills to combat security threats across the internet, cloud, and organizations.

Cyberwarfare Labs is an eminent security training provider dedicated to bridge the cybersecurity skill gap through implementation-centric learning programs designed by certified security experts.

Comprised of industry experts including Senior Security Analysts, Security Managers, and Cyber Instructors, the board ensures that our certifications are comprehensive and transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in offensive and defensive security.

We started our Operations in Bangalore with a sole mission to build the capabilities on Cybersecurity and Future technologies that meet the Industry requirements. Along with Public and Private Partnerships, we strive to build a platform that helps the aspirants to interact with Industry experts. With RedTeam's state of the art training facility and Infrastructure we share the industry insights to the students which made remarkable achievements for RedTeam. We are here to serve the Cyber capabilities to our Nation.

Our Vision is to be the one and only choice for end-to-end cybersecurity training among security aspirants and organizations and contribute towards minimizing cyber threats and crimes. We believe we can empower these individuals to be better trained and prepared for their work in the cybersecurity field and give potential employers a level of confidence in their technical skill sets and aptitude. We also want to make practical training available for anyone aspiring a job as ethical hacker or penetration tester. For this reason, our courseware starts from the basics and gradually increases difficulty by covering more advanced subjects.

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