Red Teaming On Hybrid Multi Cloud Environment


More than 92% of enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy and 80% are using a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Enterprise's has a unique portfolio of application workloads, on-prem to cloud migration solutions, cost-effective strategies etc. Understanding the tiny leaking mis-configurations to deep diving into the embedded security aspects of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure security, this class has got you covered. This class journey will equip and evolve you to identify vulnerabilities in complex interconnected cloud networks, overcome engineering challenges, attacking cloud services and a lot more.....

CyberWarFare Labs training on "
Attacking Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment" aims to provide the trainees with the insights of the offensive / defensive techniques used by the Red and Blue Teams in an Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure. We are organizing a demo class on the topic "Introduction to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Red Teaming" at 10 PM PST (11:30 AM IST) on 7th January 2022. The training registration will be opened right after the session. Attendees will get the following:

  • Attendance Certificate
  • Special discount coupons
  • Insights of the seamless labs + training details

Learn about the following:

  • Inventory Extraction and Attack Map Design for AWS, Azure, GCP & On-Premise
  • Exploit widely used Cloud Services e.g., O365, G-Suite and Azure AD etc
  • Lateral movement from on-premise to Cloud & vice-versa
  • Backdoor Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment for Stealth Persistence access
  • Abusing Mis-Configured Cloud Services for Privilege Escalation
  • Exfiltrate Sensitive Data from Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Bypassing Security Controls in Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Exploiting Multi-Cloud Environment using Open-Source Exploitation Tools / Framework

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