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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing or VAPT are two important processes which involve scanning of the network, detecting its risks or vulnerabilities and thereby mitigating the same through various systematic procedures. Vulnerability assessment analyses the security weaknesses in overall network and suggests the level up to which a network can be attacked by a malicious intruder.

  • AWS Cloud

  • GCP Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud



In Penetration Testing attempt are made to exploit the vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities in the web application. A penetration test will involve exploiting the network, servers, computers, firewalls, etc., to uncover vulnerabilities and highlight the practical risks involved with the identified vulnerabilities. Together, Penetration testing and Vulnerability assessment provide a detailed picture of the flaws that exist in web application and the risks associated with those flaws.


The testing approach changes as per the clients Customizable objectives. However, we follow the standard methodology :

Identify the used technologies and understand the deployment of technologies of the client Cloud Infrastructure. Profiling of Access Management Policies, user roles, assets etc are done in this phase.

Map cloud technology (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

Based on the gathered intel, our team will create a proactive attack plan working closely with the client cloud team to map cloud model, security controls and technologies that are currently deployed in the infrastructure.

Design &
Strategize Plan

Our Team with the cloud infrastructure knowledge and scope info identify potential weaknesses and test various use-cases of possible attacks vectors in the environment. Successful use-cases are documented in the our play-book that can be referred during next engagement.


Playbook contain all the identified weaknesses and steps to reproduce it. Based on that a remediation checklist are prepared to remove the identified mis-configurations and implement a secure architecture. All the insights are replicated as per request to the Cloud System Administrators too to remediate future threat possibility.

Mitigate cloud

A thorough report that contains ways and solution to align the cloud environment securely, enhance monitoring, detection and visibility will be delivered to the Point of contact. Quaterly consultancy can also be provided upon request.


How we work?

We follow a systematic and yet agile approach to test website security. This helps our customers gain an extremely accurate and elaborate results along with a knowledge base and years of experience on the subject matter. We follow PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10 standards to find and report vulnerabilities. While performing the web application penetration testing, we follow an elaborate and technical checklist of attacks. It is called as Web server Security Attacks Checklist, and is updated regularly, as the attack vectors for web applications change over the period of time.

Before testing starts:

  • Sign NDA and Test Schedule
  • Freeze on scope during the demo call
  • Discuss Architecture, functionalities, user roles
  • Share prerequisites like Creds, urls, ips, apks/ipa.
  • Allocate single point of contact

After Testing:

  • Analyze issues
  • Remove False positives
  • Draft Report with POC

During Testing:

  • Black box testing
  • Gray box testing
  • Automatic and Manual Testing
  • Testing Phases
  • Reconnaissance

  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Covering Tracks
  • Gathering Logs

Testing Outcome:

  • Detailed technical report (OWASP Top 10 Standard)
  • Executive summary
  • High level fixation solutions
  • Certificate of testing completion (optional)

Why us?

The most frequent application vulnerabilities are not very different from the OWASP top 10 list.

Achieving Client Goals

We understand client requirements and help them fulfill their goals


NIST, MITRE Cloud & CSA CCM Standards

We follow NIST, MITRE Cloud & CSA CCM standards for Multi Cloud Security Assessments


Consultation and Recommendations for Long-Term Improvement

We believing in parterning with the client for Long-Term Improvement


Extra efforts to improve Security Posture of client Infra

We believe in improving the security standard of client's infrastructure


Simple Remediation Checklist

We provide understandable remediation checklist


What do you get?

You will get the following along with technical and tactical recommendations :

End-to-End Assessment

Understand the major Cloud mis-configurations that affect your Cloud Infrastructure

High-Level Executive Report

A detailed report containing the vulnerabilities identified during penetration testing.

Improved cloud infra & defense capabilities

A Refreshed Cloud Infrastructure with removed loopholes & enhanced security implementation

Extra efforts to improve Security Posture of client Infra

Quaterly collaboration with the Internal Team to scale and improve Cloud Infrastructure

Ready to get started?

Our Cyber Security experts are all ears to help you with an attack incident or answer about our consulting offering and managed detection, response & breach recovery services.

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