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Certified Cyber Security Analyst

  • Fully Hands-on course for Beginners in Information Security
  • Provides a broad hands-on practical view of Cyber Security Domain
  • Get Study materials including Practice Lab, Demonstration and Manuals (PDF)
  • Practical use of Latest Cyber Technologies in Enterprises
  • Course will definitely help in journey to choose your own path in broad cyber security industry
Market Ready Practical Cyber Skills

Hands-on Exercises
with PDF + HD Demo Videos

Instructions to setup cyberlab locally
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
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Certified Red Team Analyst

  • Fully Hands-on course for Beginners
  • Course is for anyone who are interested in Red Teaming, Offensive Information Security
  • Get Study materials including Practice Lab, Video and Manuals (PDF)
  • Understand the mindset & TTPs of the Adversaries
  • Course will definitely help in journey to become a Red Teams
Study Materials
Videos + Pdf
Red Team Lab Access
Custom Scripts
Lab Deployment Locally
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
*Highly Regarded*

Certified Red Team Specialist

  • Perform Red Team Assessment in a Nuclear Facility
  • Perform Covert Operations to simulate Nuclear Meltdown
  • Follow Red Team Cycle in multi-segregated Networks
  • 3 Unique Paths are mapped with MITRE ATT&CK for Enterprise
  • Covered TTPs can be as-is implemented during a Realistic Engagement
3 Unique Attack Paths
Realistic Simulated Enterprise Environment
Lab Manuals
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
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Certified Enterprise Security Controls Attack Specialist

  • AV, EDR (Windows & Linux), Directory-Level and Linux Controls Bypass
  • Offensive C# Trade-Craft & Windows API Abuse
  • Multiple Cross-Forest Attacks in a hardened environment
  • Windows Features (AMSI, CLM, UAC, Applocker, WDAC, WDAG, WDEG, Sandbox) Bypass
  • Multiple Cross-Forest Attacks in a hardened environment & so much more...
250+ Pages PDF
12+ Hours Videos
Automated Scripts for
Security Control Setup
Healthcare Simulated
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
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Certified Windows Internals Red Team Operator

• Start your journey in Microsoft Windows Internals
Unveil common Win32/NT APIs used by the malwares
• Understand malwares abusing internals from user-mode perspective
Perform various challenges/exercises to learn Windows Internals
Learn different kernel data structures (EPROCES, ETHREAD, KPCR etc.) through Windbg

100+ Pages PDF
18+ Hours Videos
Get Custom VM for Debugging
Deep Dive Into the Internals
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
*Smash Hit*

Certified Purple Team Analyst 

  • Analyze various Host based attacks by Endpoint Monitoring solutions
  • Analyze various Network based attacks by Network Device monitoring solutions
  • Hunt Cyber Threats in a realistic enterprise environment
  • Collect Evidence & investigate Cyber Attacks using DFIR solutions
  • Visualize Protocol Level Attacks
Study Materials
Videos + Pdf
Enterprise Simulated
Lab Environment  
Enterprise Focused Security Monitoring Software's
 Digital  Badge + Certificate
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Certified AWS Cloud Red Team Specialist

  • Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK Cloud for AWS
  • Enumerate & Design AWS Cloud Attack Surface
  • Learn & Understand core AWS Cloud services functionalities
  • Pivoting & Lateral Movement using AWS VPC
  • Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured AWS Services
150+ Pages PDF
20+ Hours Videos
Terraform Scripts for 
Lab Deployment 
Enterprise AWS Cloud
Simulated Environment
 Digital  Badge + Certificate