Certified Cyber Security Analyst [C3SA]

• Fully Hands-on course for Beginners in Information Security
• Provides a broad hands-on practical view of Cyber Security Domain
• Get Study materials including Practice Lab, Demonstration and Manuals (PDF)
• Practical use of Latest Cyber Technologies in Enterprises
• Course will definitely help in journey to choose your own path in broad cyber security industry



Market Ready Practical Cyber Skills

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Instructions to setup cyberlab locally

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C3SA Introduction

CyberWarFare Labs Certified Cyber Security Analyst is a beginner focused hands-on course, designed specifically to train students / individuals / educational institutions and anyone who wants to breakthrough in the broad Information Security domain. This course comes with study materials including Practice Lab, Demo Videos and Manuals (PDF) along with course paths, students learn and practice techniques with attacker & defender mindset.

The main aim of this course is to produce competent candidates equipped with practical enterprise focused domains like setting up cyber range for lab setup, Network & Web Application basics, Cloud Security, Security Operations etc.

All the mod's-operandi and techniques covered in this course will definitely help them in their pathway to become a competent cyber security candidate and help organizations to better protect the assets.

C3SA course Highlights

Cyber Security Industry & career paths
Understanding of the cyber security enterprise level projects
Understand technologies deployed in enterprises
Understand & Protect assets from Hackers
Understand Network / Web / Cloud / Security Operation Technologies
Follow Cyber Kill Chain mapped with NIST Standards
Understand Leading Cloud Vendor Managed Services (AWS, GCP & Azure)
Instructions to deploy Cyber Range Lab Locally

C3SA Local Lab Highlights [Candidate Machine]

Hack & Secure Web / Network & Cloud based Technologies
Basics of AWS, GCP & Azure
Capstone Project
Learn & Secure host / network using security operations
Learn Real-World case studies
Updated Server / Workstation exploitation

C3SA Course Syllabus Highlights

Introduction to Cyber Security

• Why Cyber Security?
• Introduction & Career Paths
• CWL Initiative for Cyber Security Education mapped 2 PDFs
• Scope Present in Cyber Security Industry
• Nomenclature
• Guidelines & Recommendations
• Cyber Security Scope of Engagement

Cyber Range Lab setup

• Installing Virtualization Software
• Network Configuration
• Attacker Network Setup
• Vulnerable Network Setup
• Computing Resources Allocation

 Web Application Basics & Exploitation

Web Fundamentals
Deep dive into Web
Common mis-configurations
Hands-on OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
Automation using Tools
• Case Study (Critical Bugs)
• Web Pentesting Methodology

Network Basics & Exploitation 

Basics of Network
Understanding protocols (TCP/UDP)
Deep dive into Networking
Mapping Network Architecture
Attacking Mapped Architecture
• Network Pentesting Methodology
• Attacking Mapped Architecture

Operating System Basics & Exploitation

Command Line Basics (Windows & Linux)
Attacking Windows Machines
Attacking Linux Machines

Cloud Basics & Penetration Testing

Introduction to Cloud Concepts
Amazon Web Services Cloud
Multi-Cloud Environment

Security Operation Basics

Basics of Security Operations
Host based Defense
Network based Defense
• Threat Intelligence
• Threat Hunting
• Incident Response
• Capstone Project

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Eagerness to Learn with open mind

Basics Computer Machine Operating Knowledge

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  • All 7 Modules included
  • 300+ Pages PDF 
  • 1.5+ Hrs HD Instruction Videos
  • Instructions to setup lab locally
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Premium Edition

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  • All 7 Modules include
  • 300+ Pages PDF 
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  • Digital Badge + Certificate
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Certification Procedure:

To earn CyberWarFare Labs Certified Cyber Security Analyst (C3SA) certificate, candidate must fulfill below criteria :


Skills Reflected by Certificate Holder:

• Knowledge of Existing and Emerging Cyber Security Domains
• Practical Understanding of Cyber Kill Chain
• Identifying Security Vulnerabilities in the Host / Network & Cloud Technologies
• Understanding of leading cloud vendors Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform
• Implementation & Understanding of Enterprise focused Security Operations
• Replicate & Report cyber attacks in a local setup environment
• Perform Analyst operations to better protect & secure organization perimeter