[Hands-on Workshop] Detecting Adversarial Trade-craft and Tools by leveraging ETW

 CyberWarFare Labs hands-on workshop will deep dive into detecting offensive trade-craft / tools generally employed by adversaries targeting various enterprises. The workshop will be starting at 11 AM EST (9:30 PM IST) on 26th-27th Feb 2022. Attendees will get the following:

  • Attendance Certificate
  • Workshop Materials
  • One on One interaction with Instructors

Learn about the following:

     1. ETW Basics and Setup with HELK
     2. Playing around with multiple ETW Providers
     3. Weaponizing ETW-Ti for Detection
     4. Detecting various "Defense Evasion" Techniques. (PPID, Command Line Spoofing etc.)
     5. Detecting .NET Tools and Attack Techniques (AppDomain Abuse, SharpPick etc.)
     6. Detection Techniques leveraged by C2 Agents
     7. Detecting LOLBAS, BYOL & BYOI Techniques

NOTE :  This Workshop is totally and solely dedicated on ETW and how it can be leveraged to detect Adversarial Trade-crafts

To setup the environment please refer the "Lab Setup" documentation


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Workshop happening at 11 AM EST (9:30 PM IST) on 26th-27th Feb 2022.

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