[Tool Release] Red Teaming in Google Cloud Platform

 CyberWarFare Labs is organizing a Red Team session that will deep dive into Tactics & Techniques employed during offensive engagements targeting enterprises having Google Cloud infrastructure. The 1 hour practical session will be starting at 11 AM EST (9:30 PM IST) on 19th March 2022. Attendees will get the following:

  • Attendance Certificate
  • One on One interaction with the presenters

Learn about the following:

     1. The problem?
     2. Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of Google Cloud Services
     3. Our closed source tool release [used during engagements]

NOTE :  Our team will be open-sourcing a tool that will facilitate initial phase enumeration in Google Cloud infrastructure.


 For any queries e-mail us  [email protected]

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Our 1st Red Team Session of March happening at 11 AM EST (9:30 PM IST) on 19th March 2022.

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