Red Team Assesement

Test your Enterprise Defenses against Targeted Cyber Attacks to strengthen the Security Posture intact

The Real-World Attack Simulations by Red Team is for significantly improving the effectiveness of organization infrastructure. A Red Team will try to get in and access sensitive information in any way possible, as quietly as possible leaving no footprints behind. The end goal of a Red Team is to identify and analyze complex vulnerabilities before a Threat group exploits and sell it.

  • Realistic Cyber Attack Scenarios

  • Mitigate Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

  • Strengthen Enterprise Security posture



Red Team Operations are executed (in a no-hold-bar style) to Identify and exploit out-of-the-box mis-configurations / vulnerabilities present in the Enterprise. Red Teaming will involve mapping the technologies, Identifying mis-configurations, exploiting weak links and gaining access to the Internal Network, just as a Threat Actor group performs targeted Cyber Attack an organization. It provides a detailed picture of the flaws that exist by providing deep insights of the infastructure.


The testing approach changes as per the clients Customizable objectives. However, we follow the standard methodology :

Enterprise data like Client Technology information, Pubic data is gathered that are publically available and then based on the information, the weakest link is identified. With the set of information profiling becomes easy.

Initial Intelligence Gathering

Based on the gathered intel, our operators find ways of maintaining foothold into the target resource. All the idenitfied vulnerabilites, mis-configurations are documented in each & every phase.

Establish Persistant Foothold

Once our operators have initial foolthold, they look for various attempts to escalate privileges and maitain persistence. Once our operators finish internal recon they will look for various mis-configurations with Command & Control access to the internal environment


This is the Final assessment cycle where we highlight the attack vectors, Payloads, require tools, Proofs of concept, steps to replicate the vulnerability, Preventive measures, Overall Risk Score, etc. in a well-organized standard report.


All the identified mis-configurations are thoroughly documented and consulted with the Point of Contact in each and every phase during the Red Team Engagement. Our Red Team Lead consults with the Incident Response Team sharing detailed insights and focus on maintaining long-term relationship with POC to smoothly and securly position the architecture.


How we work?

We follow a systematic and yet agile approach to perform ethical Offensive Operations against client infrastructure. This helps our clients gain an extremely Accurate and Comprehensive results with resiliency along with a knowledge base and years of experience on the subject matter. We follow MITRE ATT&CK Framework, TIBER EU standards to enhance the Cyber-Resilience more effeciently, we follow an elaborate and technical checklist of Real-World attacks resulted from technically Understanding & Replicating Threat Actor Tactic, Technique & Procedures (TTPs) and is updated regularly, as the attack vectors change over the period of time.

Before testing starts:

  • Sign NDA and Test Schedule
  • Freeze on scope during the demo call
  • Discuss Architecture, functionalities, user roles
  • Elaborate Scope-of-Engagement
  • Allocate single point of contact

After Testing:

  • Analyze issues
  • Remove False positives
  • Draft Report with POC

During Testing:

  • Strategize MITRE & TIBER-EU Standards according to Scope
  • Discussion with Point of Contact
  • Strategy Implemetation
  • Strategy Execution

  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Covering Tracks
  • Gathering Logs

Testing Outcome:

  • Detailed fact-based risk analysis technical report
  • High-Level Executive summary with Remediation Checks
  • Partner with Clients Quarterly
  • Consultation and Recommendations for Long-Term Improvement
  • Extra efforts to improve Security Posture of Infra

Why us?

The most frequent application vulnerabilities are not very different from the OWASP top 10 list.

Achieving Client Goals

We understand client requirements and help them fulfill their goals


MITRE & TIBER-EU Standards

We follow MITRE & TIBER-EU standards for Red Team Assessments


Consultation and Recommendations for Long-Term Improvement

We believing in parterning with the client for Long-Term Improvement


Extra efforts to improve Security Posture of client Infra

We believe in improving the security standard of client's infrastructure


Simple Remediation Checklist

We provide understandable remediation checklist


What do you get?

You will get the following along with technical and tactical recommendations :

End-to-End Assessment

Understand the major mis-configurations and various logic vulnerabilities that affect targeted scope

High-Level Executive Report

A detailed report containing the out-of-the-box vulnerabilities identified during offensive operations

Remediation steps with Incident Response Team

Detailed insights and visibility of infrastructure to the IR team

Extra efforts to improve Security Posture of client Infra

Support from our operator team to fix the issues with active collaboration

Ready to get started?

Our Cyber Security experts are all ears to help you with an attack incident or answer about our consulting offering and managed detection, response & breach recovery services.

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