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[Beginner Level]

Certified Cyber Security Analyst [C3SA]

CyberWarFare Labs Certified Cyber Security Analyst is a beginner focused hands-on course, designed specifically to train students / individuals / educational institutions and anyone who wants to breakthrough in the broad Information Security domain.

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[Beginners to intermediate Level]

Certified Windows Internals Red Team Operator

 CyberWarFare Labs Certified Windows Internals Red Team Operator (CWI-RTO) is a hands-on self-paced course, designed specifically for beginners to intermediate audience having interest in Malware Development & Reverse Engineering, and working in Offensive Information Security.

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[Beginner Level]

Certified Red Team Analyst [CCRTA]

 Fully hands-on course, designed specifically for beginners having interest in Red Teaming, future Red Team enthusiasts and anyone who wants to breakthrough in Offensive Information Security.

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[Intermediate Level]

Certified Red Team Specialist [CRTS]

100% practical Nuclear simulated lab, from phishing to data exfiltration.  The reactivity designs of new generation reactors placed in the lab is an isolated unit with maximum safety & stability under mild conditions. Perform a full blown CyberWarFare operations in a simulated Nuclear Facility.

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[Intermediate to Advanced]

Certified Enterprise Security Control Attack Specialist [CESC-AS]

Learn the TTP's of Apex Threat Actors having advanced capabilities like leveraging in-memory implants, writing custom codes to evade AVs & EDR, abusing legitimate functionalities, bypassing/circumventing enterprise defenses, bypass forest boundaries ,moving laterally with custom made tools, evading host & network level security solutions for stealthiness and so much more ...

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[Beginner to Advanced]

Certified AWS Cloud Red Team Specialist [CARTS]

AWS Cloud Red Team course provides in-depth view of AWS core services, Identification of mis-configurations and stealthily abusing them in an Enterprise AWS Cloud Environment. As cloud shift is real, most of the Fortune 500 enterprises relies on AWS Cloud service provider for scaling their business overseas, with expansion comes huge responsibility of identifying and mitigating wide loopholes to secure cloud infrastructure.

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[Intermediate to Advanced]

Certified Purple
Team Analyst [CPTA]

The main aim of this course is to help the Blue Team to Identify and Detect Latest Techniques and Tools used by Adversary, Analyze and Respond ongoing attacks and collect the evidence for investigation purpose. However, Red team will understand execution of Red Team Operations in stealth mode without detection and aware about visibility against Blue Team.

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What People Are Saying

Our Students' Success Speaks Volumes.

"I enjoyed the lab so much, especially web path. It is a great idea having three different paths.  But in a nutshell, it’s worth it, great lab price and improve my AD attack experience." 

Mr. Myat Thu

CRTS Review

"Cyberwarfare Red team analyst course and labs were one of its kind unlike other CTF training, the training content, labs and the exam prepares one to effectively conduct an all encompassing Red team assessment and pushes you to think out of the box. Kudos to Yash and the team for such an exhilarative training !

Mr. Syed Awais Ali

CCRTA Review

"I enjoyed the Purple Team Lab as it is well aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework -  Cyber Offense/Defense. The support team was quick to respond whenever I had technical issues. Well done!" 

Mr. Blaise Ntwali

CPTA Review

"A huge shoutout to both @BSidesCT and @cyberwarfarelab for last Friday's workshop. As someone who writes about cybersecurity but doesn't actually *do* infosec, the walkthrough and the Blue Team tools and access makes a lot of what I write about way more tangible." 

Mrs. Karen Walsh

CPTA Workshop Review

"Really recommend @SecurityTube and @cyberwarfarelab courses from an offensive perspective

Mr. Francisco Palma

CARTS Review

"“The lab was a lot of fun! The “story” was exciting and very different to any other lab that I did before; it gave it a cinematic realism in a way. The three different pathways into the network gave me the opportunity (and pushed me) to experience more techniques and not just focus on a single attack path. Windows and Linux pivoting all over the place was exceptional. The Kubernetes and SCADA/ICS pieces were exciting within a lab environment as it’s not something I come across often. Excellent work CyberWarFare Labs.”" 

Mr. Philip Pieterse

CRTS Review

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