Certified AWS Cloud Red Team Specialist [CARTS]

• Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK Cloud for AWS
• Enumerate & Design AWS Cloud Attack Surface
• Learn & Understand core AWS Cloud services Functionalities
• Pivoting & Lateral Movement using AWS VPC
• Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured AWS Services

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CARTS Introduction

AWS Cloud Red Team Course provides in-depth view of AWS core services, Identification of mis-configurations and stealthily abusing them in an Enterprise AWS Cloud Environment. As cloud shift is real, most of the Fortune 500 enterprises relies on AWS Cloud service provider for scaling their business overseas, with expansion comes huge responsibility of identifying and mitigating wide loopholes to secure cloud infrastructure.


AWS Cloud Red Team Specialist Course Highlights

Understand AWS Cloud Architecture
Learn about services provided by AWS
Enumerating services and it's components from AWS Portal & CLI
Learn multiple ways to get initial access in AWS environment
Learn multiple ways to exploit services mis-configurations
Mis-use AWS services to performing Red Teaming
Understand about security solutions provided by AWS
Learn abusing single service in multiple ways

CARTS Enterprise Lab Highlights:

Understand AWS Cloud Architecture
Perform Red Teaming by misusing core services in AWS account
Execute Red Team Lifecycle from Initial Access to Data Exfiltration
Access AWS Services using AWS Portal, CLI & API for Red Teaming
Perform Horizontal & Vertical Privilege Escalation by abusing AWS Services
Execute MITRE ATT&CK TTPs in CyberWarFare Labs AWS Cloud account
Multiple Lateral Movement & Network Pivoting scenarios in AWS environment
Learn how to use Automated & Manual Tools & Techniques to simulate adversaries

CARTS Syllabus Highlights

Introduction to AWS Cloud:

• AWS Cloud Overview
• Classification of AWS Cloud Bases of Service Models
• Classification of AWS Cloud bases of Service Uses

AWS Services Functionalities & Exploitation:

• Identity And Access Management (IAM)
• Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
• EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
• Lambda Function
• Containers
• Simple Storage Service (S3)
• Relational Database Service (RDS)
• Elastic Block Store (EBS)
• Secret Manager
• Single Sign On (SSO)
• AWS Security Services 

Red Team Operations in AWS Cloud Environment:

• AWS Cloud Overview
• Initial Access
• Execution
• Persistence
• Credential Access
• Discovery
• Lateral Movement
• Lateral Movement

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Understanding of Web & Network Pentesting

Red Team Methodology

Familiarity with Command line basics

Certification Procedure:

Candidates Precision and Patience will be judged to pass a 12 hours hands-on examination with 12 hrs reporting time on an Realistic AWS Enterprise environment to earn AWS Cloud Red Team Diamond Certification.

One exam re-attempt is included with the purchase. Instructors will provide helpful feedback before the start of re-attempt.

Skills Reflected by Certificate Holder:

• Knowledge of Red Team Methodologies in Enterprise AWS Cloud Environments
• Understanding of MITRE ATT&CK for Cloud
• Identifying, analyzing and abusing mis-configurations
• Enumerating & Mapping Attack Surface of AWS Cloud Services
• Pivoting and Lateral Movement in segmented Enterprise Networks
• Leveraging globally used cloud resources for Data Exfiltration
• Mapping and profiling critical cloud assets
• Using stealth Tools, Tactic, Technique & Procedures (TTPs)