Certified Google Red Team Specialist [CGRTS]

• Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK Cloud for Google
• Practically understand Google Cloud Red Team Fundamentals
• Simulate Cyber Kill Chain in Google Cloud Environment
• Target & Abuse Google Enterprise Applications
• Perform Blue Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment



 16th, 17th & 18th June 2023



IST Time : 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM midnight IST
UK Time : 03:30 PM to 07:30 PM


 Duration :

12 Hours (4 Hours each day)


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Study Materials

150+ Pages PDF & One-to-One Interaction with Instructors

Deploying Labs

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Enterprise Cloud

Red Team Ops. in Google Cloud Environment

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Google Cloud Services is used by enterprises for organizing data, operate in open infrastructure, collaboration using business apps & managing security. Google Cloud is one of the leading cloud vendors providing services to business critical sectors like Banks, MNCs, Enterprises etc. The training is designed for penetration testers / red team, cloud architects and SOC team members to understand offensive cyber operational approach in enterprise Google Cloud environment. Class will go through mapping Google Cloud Services, identifying & abusing mis-configurations & then replicating Real-World TTPs encountered by trainers during engagements.

The content is mapped with MITRE ATT&CK for GCP standards. Class will cover Google Cloud Platform core services, Google Workspace (Previously Gsuite) applications & then Security Controls & Monitoring aspects in order to better refine detection in an enterprise.



Google Cloud Red Team Specialist Training Highlights:

Understand Google Cloud Architecture
Learn about Enterprise Business Applications / Authentication & Red Team Mehodology
Enumerating services and it's components from GUI Portal & CLI
Replicate our research on Initial Access via Illicit Grant Attack [GCP]
Replicate Cyber Kill Chain in our cutting-edge Cyber Range Lab
Interesting ways of Credential Hunting to expand internal access
Understand about security solutions provided by GCP
Perform GCP focused Blue Team Ops.

CGRTS Enterprise Lab Highlights:

Map Google Cloud Architecture
Perform Red Teaming by misusing core services in Enterprise GCP account
Access GCP Services using GUI Portal, CLI & API for Red Teaming
Understand to use Automated & Manual Tools / Techniques to simulate adversaries
Execute Red Team Lifecycle from Initial Access to Data Exfiltration
Execute MITRE ATT&CK mapped GCP TTPs
Abuse Enterprise Business Applications
Perform Cross-Project Lateral Movement

CGRTS Syllabus Highlights:

Google Cloud & Red Team Fundamentals:

  • Google Cloud Platform
    • Hierarchy 
    • Service Account 
    • Identity & Access Management

  • Google Workspace 
    • Management  
    • Productive Apps

  • Google Cloud Authentication  
    • GUI, CLI & API 

  • Motive / Objective in Red Team Ops in Google Cloud

  • Red Team Methodology 
    • Cyber Kill Chain
    • Assume Breach Scenario
    • MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Cloud

Red Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment:

  • Open Source Information Gathering (OSINT)
    • Passive [DNS based]
    • Active

  • Gaining Initial Access
    • Stolen Credential [SVN, Dev System Compromise] 
    • Exploiting Application [App running on VM, Server-less, Kubernetes]

  • Internal Recon
    • Google Cloud Services

  • Privilege Escalation 
    • Local [VM] Based [Windows, Linux]
    • Cloud Based [IAM Mis-configuration, Service Account etc.]

  • Maintaining Access
    • Local [VM] Based [Users, OsLogin, SSH Key etc.]
    • Cloud Based [Service Account, Cloud Function etc.]

  • Hunting for Credentials
    • Secret [Secret Manger etc.]
    • Sensitive Data [Buckets, Databases etc.]   

  • Lateral Movement 
    • Pivot the Networks Boundary [VPC]  
    • Expand Access Control Plane to Data Plane [VMs]
    • GCP to Workspace Access [Domain Wide Delegation] 

  • Achieving the Objectives 
    • Data Exfiltration / Destruction / Encryption


Blue Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment:

  • Security Controls 
    • Organizational Policy 
  • Logging & Monitoring 
  • Security Command Center


Understanding of Web & Network Pentesting

Red Team Methodology

Familiarity with Command line basics

Certification Procedure:

Candidates Precision and Patience will be judged to pass a 12 hours hands-on examination with 12 hrs reporting time on an Realistic Google Cloud Enterprise environment to earn Google Cloud Red Team Certification.

One exam re-attempt is included with the purchase. Instructors will provide helpful feedback before the start of re-attempt.

Skills Reflected by Certificate Holder:

• Knowledge of Red Team Methodologies in Enterprise Google Cloud Environment
• Understanding of MITRE ATT&CK for GCP
• Identifying, analyzing and abusing Google focused mis-configurations
• Enumerating & Mapping Attack Surface
• Perform Cross-Project Lateral Movement
• Perform Full-Fledged Cyber Kill Chain
• Mapping and profiling critical cloud assets
• Implementing Red Team & Blue Team Infra in Google Cloud